Fall 2018 News

Welcome to the Fall 2018 season!

The Arlington Soccer Club was established 45 years ago this month – wow!  We continue with our mission to provide a positive soccer experience to over 2,000 youth players, 400 coaches, and 150 referees in Arlington.  To support our mission, please read our philosophy of Keeping It Fun.

As we gear up for the season start, we just wanted to share some news and bring your attention to several items:

Director of Coaching

As you have likely heard, we hired Paige Forster as our Director of Coaching. Please look forward to exciting changes this year, which include enhanced player development, expanded winter programming, and welcoming a fourth professional Challenger coach.

New Board Members

We welcomed onto the Board this past year a new Events Director (Kate Shoss) to coordinate community-building events, a new Kindergarten Director (Steve Goodwin), and a new Grade 2 Director (Oliver Donnelly). In addition, our Vice President Peter Hedlund has assumed one of the BAYS Boys Director roles.  Thank you Kate, Steve, Oliver and Peter (and all Board members!) for your ongoing volunteer contributions to the club.

New Uniforms!

We are excited to launch our new uniform kits throughout the club. For those that have been involved with us for over a decade, you will recognize what a big change this is for the organization. Our equipment and uniform director (thank you Rosemary!) has worked overtime to ensure the on-time delivery of the uniforms/jerseys from our new vendor.

Zero Tolerance Policy

We would like to re-emphasize our Zero Tolerance policy. The only sounds from the sidelines should be praise and encouragement; we expect that our referees and players will be able to do their jobs/play the game without criticism. Violators of this rule will be asked to leave and may result in forfeit of game time for their child’s team. An interesting read can be found here:  https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/18/sports/referee-parents-abuse-videos.html

Massachusetts Tournament of Champions (MTOC)

The ASC had five teams vying for positions at MTOC this past spring – the girls grade 6 and 8 teams, and the boys grade 8, 10 and 12 teams all went to BAYS postseason competition.  The grade 10 boys team qualified for MTOC but lost in the final match. We look forward to MTOC in Spring 2019!

Fall Events

Lastly, mark your calendars for several events this fall, with more information to follow:

  • Town Day – we will be resurrecting our Town Day booth on September 15…please stop by!
  • ASC 15th Annual Tailgate – at the Revolutions on September 22.
  • Soccer Night in Belmont – Arlington High School Varsity Soccer Teams and ASC will be participating in Soccer Night in Belmont on Saturday September 29. More Info to come!

We welcome any feedback and questions, so please do not hesitate to Contact Us!



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