Spring & Summer Clinics

Spring TinyTykes

When – Saturday April 27th – June 8th; 11:15am-12pm / 12:15pm-1:15pm OR Sunday’s April 28th – June 9th; 4:30pm-5:15pm or 5:30pm-6:30pm
Where – Saturday at Lussiano / Sunday at McClennen
Who – Ages 2-5

TinyTykes is an exciting child development program delivered through soccer. Our soccer and child development professionals have designed an innovative curriculum that takes children on ‘Immersive Interactive Adventures’ through fun and exciting themes. It is through these semi-structured adventures that every child has the ability to build their own experiences and be introduced to the basic skills needed in soccer; motor, social, and psychological skills. Our International coaches are experts at working with young children and will combine soccer and adventure in a way that keeps your children entertained and enthused to return next week. Come join Lenny the Lion on our Cubs or Lions Program and start your adventure today.


April Vacation Camp

When – April 16th – 19th; 9am-12pm / 9am-3pm
Where – North Union Park at Thompson School
Who – Ages 6-16

During national holidays and school breaks only our best summer coaches are available to work on local camps that focus on player development we have best the practices from all over the world that we integrate into our camp program and this allows us to build up players’ skills in a fun and relaxed environment that encourages development. Stay active during the holidays and join Coach Paige and co for an action-packed break from school!


Challenger International Soccer (2 weeks of camps)

When – July 15th – 19th (week 1 ) & August 26th – 30th (week 2)
Where – Week 1: McClennen Field / Week 2: Thorndike Field
Who – Ages 2-14

The new Challenger International Soccer Camp reflects the truly global nature of the sport today and provides young players with a wide variety of coaching styles, practices, and influences that will help them develop a well-rounded skill set. We have taken the best coaching methodologies and practices from England, Brazil, Spain, USA and France and have woven them together in a multi-faceted on and off-field coaching experience. Camps will include a free soccer ball, T-shirt, Poster and Certificate.


Challenger Next Level Camp
When – July 22nd – 26th
Where – North Union Park at Thompson School
Who – Motivated Players Aged 10-18

Soccer at all levels is increasingly being played at a greater speed and new demands are being placed on players to react, move, and perform skills whilst under pressure from opponents. The Next Level method of training includes speed of play, fast foot skills, first touch, advanced techniques, freestyle, strength & conditioning, attacking moves, finishing, and small-sided games. The Next Level program will be integrated with Challenger’s iChallenge training app which will help players develop skills and creativity both pre and post camp. Our team of Next Level coaches provides competitive players with a challenging and highly personal developmental experience. Players attending this program must be committed to wanting to improve and must be prepared to push themselves beyond their comfort zone.


Challenger GK Icon Camp

When – July 22nd – 26th
Where – North Union Park at Thompson School
Who – Motivated Players Aged 10-18

GK Icon is the leading provider of professional goalkeeper training globally and prides itself on maximizing the potential of all young and developing goalkeepers aged 10-18. Challenger Sports will be delivering a select number of specialist GK Icon camps this summer in North America, with each camp being instructed by qualified, experienced and personally selected coach. The program will be integrated with Challenger’s iChallenge training app as our team of GK Icon coaches aim to provide competitive players with a challenging and highly personal developmental experience. All players, aged 10-18, seeking professional goalkeeper development and advanced training techniques are invited to attend this program


Challenger Technical Skills Camp

When – August 5th – 9th
Where –  McClennen Field
Who – Ages 8-12

This program targets players at the key age groups for developing technical competency. Our coaches will focus on key techniques to build the complete player. Designed for players looking to improve their technical ability to enhance their impact in the game by developing first touch, turns, feints, and fakes, fast and accurate shooting skills. Though fun and demanding activities, players will improve their speed of play and effectiveness on the field. During the course of this program, players will accumulate thousands of touches on the ball, allowing them to develop the skills and confidence to come out on top in the key the 1v1 situations players face each match.


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