We are excited to once again announce several player development clinics with our Challenger coaches this Spring. This season clinics include our Skills & Drills and Goalkeeper sessions. Details of each session are as follows:

Technical Skills

These technical skills sessions are designed to improve your foot skills and technical ability in any situation on the field. The session will be broken down into 4 sections;
– SAQ (speed, agility, quickness)
-SSG (Small Sided Games)

Goal Keeping 

At our Goalkeeper sessions, players will learn the technical skills needed to be successful and tactically aware in goal. The sessions will be high intensity in a fun and challenging environment. We will practice in game-like situations and the players will have a lot of 1-1 guidance. These sessions are designed for all abilities interested in goalkeeping, whether goalkeeping is their favored position or they are looking to learn it as a new skill. We aim to grow players’ confidence in between the sticks as well as their competency. *Please note goal keeper gloves are required for this clinic

Registration for both clinics is through our development registration system found here:


You must login with your existing family account credentials from there you will be prompted to select the various options relevant to your player(s).

All session details are in the chart below:

Session(Grade) Field Time Start Date End Date Holidays
Tuesday Goal Keeper: Grades 3-8 at Thorndike Field, 7:30-8:30 Starts: 17th May –  7th June

Wednesday Tech Skills: Grades 2-4 at  Thorndike Field  7:30-8:30 Starts 18th May- 8th June

Thursday Tech Skills:Grades 5-8 at  Thorndike Field 7:30-8:30 Starts 19th May – 9th June

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