What is TOPSoccer?

TOPSoccer is a recreational soccer program for players with intellectual, emotional, and/or physical disabilities or differences. Each TOPSoccer participant is paired with a ‘buddy’ who guides them through activities.

What does a TOPSoccer buddy do?

Buddies are vital to the success of TOPSoccer. First and foremost, a buddy is a consistent and supportive companion to their player. Kindness, empathy, and flexibility are more important than soccer skills in this role. Buddies will escort their players through a variety of preplanned stations and activities that are overseen by ASC coaches. There is a lot of adult supervision, and buddies will never be expected to handle any issue on their own.

Are there any qualifications for serving as a TOPSoccer buddy?

TOPSoccer buddies must be in 7th grade or older. Past experience working with youth with disabilities or differences is helpful but not required.

What is expected of TOPSoccer buddies?

Consistent attendance is crucial in order to create a predictable experience for participants. However, we understand that conflicts and/or competing circumstances may arise. We ask that participants be willing to commit to attending at least 3 of the 6 TOPSoccer sessions, with more than that being strongly preferred.

When do TOPSoccer sessions take place?

TOPSoccer sessions will be held at 3:30-4:40pm at an accessible field in Arlington on the following Sundays: 9/18, 9/25, 10/2, 10/16, 10/23, and 10/30.

Can this count toward community service requirements?

Yes, volunteering as a TOPSoccer buddy can be applied toward the fulfillment of community service requirements for school or other entities.

How have past buddies liked their TOPSoccer volunteer experience?

Our Spring 2022 TOPSoccer buddies expressed a lot of enthusiasm for the program. Here’s what one buddy had to say: “Volunteering at the TOPSoccer sessions was very rewarding for me and I can’t wait to do it again this fall. Every time my buddy scored or laughed with a new friend his face would light up and it would make everyone around him smile too.”

How can I register to become a TOPSoccer buddy?

Registering to volunteer as a TOPSoccer buddy depends on how old you are.

If you are entering 7th–12th grade this Fall, you can register at the following link: https://secure.adminsports.net/arlingtonmasoccer. Please be sure to select the ‘Fall2022 TOPSoccer’ program and then register as a ‘TOPSoccer Buddy’. Please use the Registration Comments section to describe any relevant past experience or special considerations.
If you are beyond 12th grade, please email the ASC TOPSoccer Director, Travis Baggett(tpbaggett@gmail.com).

What if I have other questions about being a TOPSoccer buddy?

Please feel free to reach out to the ASC TOPSoccer Director, Travis Baggett (tpbaggett@gmail.com), with any additional questions.