Our tryout schedule is now posted, please note for any child trying out they should go to the tryout of the grade they are going into in September not their current grade. Additionally, we have done our utmost to work with all schools in town and put school events as a priority to eliminate any conflicts to our best possible ability. Please understand and respect that we also have to consider what works for us in terms of the field space and putting our volunteer tryout evaluators, co-ordinators, lead evaluators and equipment directors schedules first. Finally we try and aim to have tryouts complete by the same time as BAYS regular season ends, June 12th to alleviate any scheduling conflicts outside of the regular season.

Further information will be provided in the coming weeks on our tryout policies and procedures. Registration will open May 1st and we will send out reminders nearer the time.

We will have a plan from those teams who will be displaced from Thorndike Field during the three weeks of tryouts. More information will be shared in due course.