The Arlington Soccer Club has a team for you.

Player Levels

Pre-K Clinic (formerly U5)

Kindergarten Clinic (formerly U6)

Gr. 1 Clinic (formerly U7)

Gr. 2 League (formerly U8)

Gr. 3/4 Intown (formerly Intown U9/10)

Gr. 3-8 BAYS  (formerly U9/10 select & all U11-U14)

High School BAYS  (formerly U16/U18)

A word about the nomenclature.  US Youth Soccer has adjusted age definitions to be those born at the start of the year (Jan 01).  Massachusetts Youth soccer has responded by introducing Grade based levels in order to keep classmates together. In the table listed above, you see references made to levels like U6 or U7.  These U6 or U7 are synonymous with the term  “children Under Age 6” or “children Under Age 7”. The age and grade of your child determine what division they play in, regardless of playing experience.