Directors and Key People

The Arlington Soccer Club is a volunteer organization. We launch each season with over 1,900 players, 330 volunteer coaches and 150 teams.

The Board of Directors is composed of volunteer directors and two registrars. Board members are elected on an annual basis and meet monthly.

The following is a list of club officers and directors.  Please address specific requests via our contact form and it will be forwarded to the appropriate person.  If you are not sure about the right contact, feel free to direct your inquiry to our registrar Jane Morgan who can answer most questions or direct you to the right person.

Club Officers
President Michael Girioni
Vice President Peter Hedlund
Secretary Michelle O’Day
Treasurer Dean Carman
Age Group Directors
BAYS Boys Director Peter Hedulund
BAYS Girls Director Dan Bonardi
BAYS Girls Director David Erbe
Intown Boys Director (Grade 3 & Grade 4) Michelle O’Day
Intown Girls Director (Grade 3 & Grade 4) Steven Cornelissen
Grade 2 League Director Oliver Donnelly
First Grade Clinic Director Steve Klosterman
Kindergarten Clinic Director Steve Goodwin
Pre-K Clinic Director Liz Diggins
Function Directors
Communication and Event Director Kate Shoss
Development Director Ronan O’Hagan
Equipment Director Rosemary Foster
Field Director Henry Brush
Past President Steve Moniak
Referee Director Lori Barry-Smith
Website Administrator Gwen Ryan
Winter Programs Director Travis Baggett
Registrar Jane Morgan
Risk Manager Gabriella Lawrence
Director of Coaching Paige Forster
Referee Assignor Paul Athanasiadis

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