Grade 5 to 8

Teams in this program are comprised of players of equivalent skill and compete against similar teams from other towns. The schedule consists of 10 games per season starting in early September for fall and early April for spring. ASC teams play five of their BAYS games in Arlington and five at the opposing teams’ fields.

The ASC fields travel teams for both the fall and spring seasons. Teams are based on grade as a primary requirement, with age as a secondary requirement.
We field as many teams as necessary to roster all players who register by our deadlines, with no more than two teams in all age groups selected at tryouts and all remaining players assigned to teams.
BAYS teams practice twice a week, scheduled by the associated coach before the season starts. Players are required to attend a minimum of one practice per week, and ideally, two, though we do accommodate players with scheduling conflicts who can only make one practice per week.

Standings and Tournaments
While standings are kept for both seasons, the fall season is for player and team development, and standings are only for purposes of spring placement. The spring season is the competitive season and all spring season section winners are rewarded with trophies.

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