Game Assignment & Reporting

Updated:  August 22, 2021

Game Assignments

The Arlington Soccer Club uses for referee game assignments.  All In-Town and Grassroots referees must have an account with USOfficials.

Rules to follow when using the USOfficials system:

  • Password and login information
    • Initial user ID/password will be emailed to each new referee.
    • If an email is not received please contact Paul Athanasiadis ASAP.
    • Young referees should share the account information with their parents since an account can include only one email.
  • Availability
    • Availability must be entered on the USOfficials site in order to be assigned games.  Note that availability must be a minimum of 65 minutes i.e. a 9am-10am availability will not appear as an option for the assignor.  For games longer than 30 minute halves, longer periods of available time are required.
  • Game assignments
    • Games will be assigned no later than Tuesday 12:00pm.
    • All assignments should be accepted or rejected on USOfficials by Tuesday night
    • If a game is rejected the referee must:
      • Use the USOfficials site to REJECT the game
      • There may be consequences for rejecting a game that is within the availability window that
        you submitted so please check your other commitments before entering availability.
    • Remaining games will be announced on Wednesday and assigned first come first served. Email Paul
      directly if you are able to referee one or more of these games.

Reporting Scores and Getting Paid

  • Report games within 24 hours.
    • All BAYS games must be reported to BAYS by the head referee of all games and by ARs for Grade 8 and HS games. These games must be first accepted on BAYS in order to be reported.
    • BAYS Grade 5 ARs and Grade 6 ARs must report scores to USOfficials in order to be paid. Grades 5, 6 ARs are paid by ASC, not by BAYS.
    • All in-town games must be reported to USOfficials.
  • Payments are distributed after the end of each month during the season.

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