Game Assignment & Reporting

Updated:  September 10, 2023

Game Assignments

The Arlington Soccer Club uses for referee game assignments.  All In-Town and Grassroots referees must have an account with USOfficials.

Rules to follow when using the USOfficials system:

  • Password and login information
    • Initial user ID/password will be emailed to each new referee.
    • If an email is not received please contact Referee Assignor Paul Athanasiadis ( ASAP.
    • Youth referees should add an adult’s email to their US official account, in addition to their own.
  • Availability
    • Availability must be entered on the USOfficials site in order to be assigned games.  Note that availability must be a minimum of 65 minutes i.e. a 9am-10am availability will not appear as an option for the assignor.  For games longer than 30 minute halves, longer periods of available time are required.
    • Enter time availability for each day that you want to work. Be sure to click “Update” after each submission.
  • Game assignments
    • Games will be assigned no later than Tuesday 12:00pm (noon).
    • All assignments should be accepted or rejected on USOfficials by Tuesday night
    • If a game is rejected the referee must:
      • Use the USOfficials site to REJECT the game
      • There may be consequences for rejecting a game that is within the availability window that
        you submitted so please check your other commitments before entering availability.
    • Remaining games will be announced on Wednesday and assigned first come first served. Email Paul Athanasiadis directly if you are able to referee one or more of these games.
    • For BAYS games, referees must also accept/reject the game within the BAYS website, at at , and follow links for “MyBAYS > Referee > Game Accept/Reject.”

Reporting Scores and Getting Paid

  • Report games within 24 hours.
    • All BAYS games must be reported to BAYS by the head referee and by ARs for all grades.
    • This is done at , and follow links for “MyBAYS > Referee > Game Report Management.”
    • All in-town games must be reported to USOfficials.
  • Payments are distributed after the end of each month during the season.