Player’s Equipment

Law 4 of the game specifies the player’s equipment.

  • Soccer jerseys are provided by the Arlington Soccer Club for all players.
  • Shorts, socks, and soccer shoes must be provided by the parent. (PreK through Grade 2)
  • All players must wear shin guards with long soccer socks worn over them.
  • Cleats are strongly recommended, but not required.
  • No jewelry may be worn, including earrings, watches, barrettes, and bracelets. No hats with visors may be worn.
  • The ASC recommends players who are planning to get their ears pierced wait until the end of the fall season to do so. Players who get their ears pierced before the season will not be allowed to cover them with tape or band-aids; if players cannot remove new ear piercings due to medical restrictions, then they will not be allowed to participate until they can do so.