Parents Meeting Resources

As players and parents are both often new to the game and the soccer world, it is extremely important to communicate with parents. This should be the job of both the team coach and the organization. At the start of the year, we recommend you (coach) hold a parent meeting to clarify goals and expectations for the team. Initiating this communication will help prevent confusion and stunt potential problems. It is recommended that you have something in writing to hand to parents at this meeting. By doing this, you are ensuring that your words are not being misconstrued. If there is a concern down the line, you can reference the document to provide clarification.

In this document, it is important that you list your coaching philosophy and your goals for the team and players. It is also important you discuss attendance expectations and disciplinary measures as these areas are often the geneses of most problems. You may wish to inform parents how and when they can contact you if they have questions. Questions about players should not be asked in front of other players or other parents. Parents should not be asking questions during a game or practice or at any time you are with the team. Coaches have been known to have parents call at midnight or at 6 am to talk about their children. If you do not want this to happen, clarify that in your meeting and on your handout.

Lastly, make sure to address sideline behavior as well. Parents need to remember that they are role models for their children and uncontrolled behavior on the sideline is not acceptable. Each meeting will differ based on the age and level of the players you are coaching.