Team Formation Policy

November 17, 2022


This policy applies to the formation of Clinic (pre-K, K, and Grade 1), Intown (Grades 2, 3, and 4), and non-Select Travel Teams (Grades 5, 6, 7/8, and high school). This policy also applies to players that register on time. It is difficult to form teams in accordance with this policy for children that register late. This document is subject to periodic review.

“No Request” Policy

The ASC cannot accept requests to play with friends. Additionally, coaches cannot request specific players for their teams (except their own children). The Age Group Directors put a great deal of effort into making sure that most players are assigned to teams with some kids from their school (registering on time helps to make this happen!). However, ASC believes that playing with new teammates provides children with opportunities to make friends outside of their school.

Clinics and Grade 2

At the Clinic level, teams are formed by balancing children from several different schools. Ideally, players will be assigned to teams with two to three other schoolmates. This is often not possible with children from private schools.

Teams are reformed at Grade 2 since girls and boys play in different leagues. The Grade 2 Director will strive to form competitively-balanced teams based on player performance feedback from the Grade 1 coaches. Grade 2 teams will also be balanced with children from several different schools.

Gender Balance – Clinic Teams

The ASC strives to balance the Clinic-level teams by gender. However, the number of boys that register for clinics is typically greater than the number of girls that register to play at the youngest age groups. Therefore, the ASC will strive to form Clinic teams with a core group of at least four girls. This can result in some Clinic teams without any assigned girls.

Gender-Based Teams – Grade 2- High School

Players will be assigned to a boys or girls team based on the gender that they identify with.

Team Continuity

Within a school year, players are reassigned in the spring to the team that they were assigned to in the fall where possible. The ASC often keeps teams together as players progress from one grade to the next. Team organization prior to the start of the school year will result in some teams being reformed. For example for Grade 2 and High School, teams are reformed and players are assigned to a different team. When team rosters expand in size at Grades 3, 5, and 7/8, teams are often reorganized and players are assigned to a different team.

Roster Size

The ASC caps team rosters to enhance player development and enable children to play the game of soccer as much as possible. Limiting the size of rosters also allows the ASC to order a uniform for each player in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Roster sizes by grade levels are posted on the ASC website.

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