Coach Selection

All coaching and team manager positions are seasonal and candidates must reapply to coach or manage a team prior to each season. Coaches and managers are required to be in compliance with all ASC policies including Massachusetts SAFE Soccer, current CORI requirements, concussion training, and adherence with the Coach Code of Conduct and Zero Tolerance policies.

The ASC Age Group Directors with assistance from the ASC Director of Coaching assign head coaches for their age group. Consideration is given to returning head coaches from the previous season to retain that position if returning candidates are in good standing and in compliance with club policies.

If there are not enough teams to allow returning head coaches to retain their position, or there is more than one head coach applicant for a team, the most qualified coach will be selected as the head coach. Subject to periodic review, to determine a head coach’s qualifications, the Age Group Director with assistance from the Director of Coaching will consider the following criteria:

  • Coaching certifications and licenses
  • Prior violations of the Coach Code of Conduct and/or Zero Tolerance policies
  • Overall coaching experience (years of service as head coach or assistant coach)
  • Overall contribution to Arlington Soccer Club
  • Whether a coach has a child playing on the team
  • History of coaching the majority of players who will be on the team

In the event there are more qualified coaches than teams at a given level, the Age Group Director will advise the Board of Directors of the criteria that were factored to select head coaches.

After head coaches have been assigned, the Age Group Directors, with assistance from the Director of Coaching and input from the selected head coaches, will assign assistant coaches and team managers. The same considerations and criteria for head coaches will be used to select assistant coaches and team managers. The ideal coaching complement for an ASC team is one head coach, one or two assistant coaches, and a team manager.

The ASC discourages coaches from being the head coach of more than one BAYS travel team, and the ASC does not allow anyone to be the head coach of more than one select tryout team during a season.

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