Risk Management

Updated September 2022

Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017

The Arlington Soccer Club’s primary responsibility is the safety and well being of the children. The Federal Government and the U.S. Soccer Federation have created new legislation and policies that have been put in place to help remind all of us that we play important roles in a child’s life, both on and off the fields. These policies are consistent with our mission to provide a safe, fun environment for all our players.

The new regulations are outlined as follows:

  1. Abuse Prevention Mandatory Reporting, which is effective now.
  2. Abuse Prevention Training and New Clearance Procedures for coaches, which will be mandatory beginning in the Fall 2019-Spring 2020 Soccer Year.

I.  EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY – All Participating Adults*

All Mass Youth Soccer/Arlington Soccer Club registered volunteers/coaches are Mandatory Reporters and have a duty to report abuse and or suspected abuse of any child or minor under the age of 18 within a 24-hour period. An individual who is required, but fails to report suspected child sexual abuse is subject to criminal penalties including fines and up to one year in jail.

Parents and Players should be aware of the new law, and that abuse or suspected abuse reporting information is located both here and on the Mass Youth Soccer Association website.

Physical and Sexual Abuse Reporting
Everyone listed below MUST be contacted when physical or sexual abuse is suspected:

  1. Arlington Law Enforcement | 781-643-1212
  2. Arlington Child Protective Services | 781-641-8500
  3. State of Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) | 781-641-850 | Massachusetts Mandatory Reporting Guidelines
  4. Club Risk Manager | Laura Fuller
  5. State Risk Manager | Mary Relic, 978-598-3613
  6. National Governing Body (NGB)
    a.  US Soccer Integrity Hotline Number | 312-528- 7004
    b.  US Soccer | https://www.ussoccer.com/integrity-hotline
    c.  US Center for SafeSport | https://uscenterforsafesport.org/report-a-concern/

Other Forms of Misconduct Reporting
Other forms of misconduct such as emotional abuse, bullying, hazing, or harassment must also be reported as noted below:

  1. ASC Risk Manager | Laura Fuller
  2. Club Review/Hearing – a process and policy will be developed to document and address this other misconduct. The decision of the Club will be sent to the State Risk Manager.
  3. State Risk Manager | Mary Relic, 978-598-3613

Note: Additional information regarding the Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act can be found on the Mass Youth Soccer Association website.

II.  EFFECTIVE FALL 2019 – All Participating Adults*

The “U.S. Soccer National Board of Directors approved Policy 212-3; Athlete and Participant Safety Policy. This new policy provides that Organization Members, and in particular, those that deal with minors, must include certain components in their Risk Management Programs that are otherwise required under Bylaw 212.” There are six required components to Policy 212-3:

  1. Prohibited Conduct Policy
  2. Appropriate Background Screening – Background Checks stated below will be processed on adult members.
    a.  Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI)
    b.  National Background Checks (NBG)
    c.  National and State Sex Offender Registry Searches (NSOR) (SORI)
  3. Education and Training is required for all adult members
    a.  Initial SafeSport Course, then within the next calendar year;
    b.  Annual Refresher Course for as long as the adult participates
  4. Limiting One-on-One Interactions
  5. Enforcement
  6. Reporting

Policies must be implemented on or before September 1, 2019.

All above information is covered in detail in The Mass Youth Soccer Athlete and Participant Safety Policy, known as Massachusetts Safe Soccer and is available on the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association’s website. The Risk Management/Athlete and Participate Safety Policies are located under the Administration section.

* A participating adult may include but is not limited to coaches, managers, and board of directors.

III.  Additional Safety Policies to review:

Weather Policy
Goal Safety
US Soccer Recognize to Recover
Mass Youth Soccer Athlete and Participant Safety Policy