Coaching Requirements – UPDATED!

Updated: March 9, 2021

Greetings coaches and volunteers!

Thank you for offering your time to the Arlington Soccer Club. In order to be authorized to interact with the players in the club, all coaches and volunteers must comply with mandatory regulations, as set forth by Mass Youth Soccer and enforced nationwide. Even if you have been a credentialed volunteer with the ASC before, you will still be required to complete every step, as outlined below:

First: All volunteers (head coaches, assistant coaches and managers) must register in their family account in AdminSports in order to be assigned to a roster and affiliated with ASC. This typically happens during the player registration process. If a parent volunteers at a later date s/he will need to log back in to this system to register as a volunteer.

Second: All volunteers (head coaches, assistant coaches and managers) must follow the instructions detailed here.

These will include:

  • An annual registration in the Mass Youth Soccer website
  • A valid CORI background check within MYS (good for 3 years)
  • Completion of the CDC Concussion Training (good for 2 years) – accessed from MYS registration
  • SafeSport Abuse Prevention Training (good for 4 years, but requires an annual Refresher Course

These steps may take ~3 hours to complete for new coaches, but they can be done over several days. All clearances must be completed before you will be credentialed to coach. It would be tremendously helpful if you would complete this process well before the start of the soccer season so that you are cleared and ready to take to the field when the season begins.

RETURNING coaches who completed their MYS registration last year must still go through this process.

Note: As indicated above, MYS registration is different from the ASC volunteer registration which takes place in the player registration software (AdminSports). Essentially, there are two registrations: 1.) registering to volunteer with ASC in AdminSports; 2.) registering with MYS for ASC.