Grade 3 to 4

The Intown league is a single gender 7v7 program comprised of players from grades 3 and 4.

The objective of the program is to provide an opportunity to play soccer without having to travel to other towns. Teams are comprised of players with varying skill levels on each team. The schedule consists of approximately 10 games per season starting in early April (spring season).

Games are played on Saturdays.

The ASC reserves the right to limit Grade 3 and Grade 4 select teams to one team per age group and gender based on age-group enrollment. The great majority our 3rd and 4th grade players compete in our vibrant intown league against other Arlington teams

Players on Grade 3 and 4 select teams participate in the BAYS league. BAYS teams practice twice a week, scheduled by the associated coach before the season starts. Players are required to attend a minimum of one practice per week, and ideally, two, though we do accommodate players with scheduling conflicts who can only make one practice per week.