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Implicit Bias course

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Certified referees are responsible for their own uniform purchase.   A USSF referee kit consists of a gold shirt, solid black shorts, USSF black socks (striped or solid), and predominantly black cleats or sneakers.   Referee uniform kits can be purchased from and  In-town referees will be provided with a shirt. All referees need a whistle, a wristwatch with a stopwatch function, a pocket-sized notebook, a pen and a coin; Grassroots Referees also need red and yellow cards and AR flags.

Fall 2022 Referee Meeting Notes

ASC 2022 Referees Fall In-Town Referee Meeting Agenda
ASC 2022 Referees Fall Grassroots Referees Meeting Agenda

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Referee Director:  Lori Barry-Smith
Assignor:  Paul Athanasiadis