Parent’s Guides

The ASC facilitates an environment which allows players’ to maximize their enjoyment and potential in the game. We have many tools to support and guide our coaches through this development. Now we turn to you, the parent, to help you understand this process and enable you to positively influence this journey. These Parent Guides will answer many of the questions that may have previously been left unanswered, such as What’s next? Why now? What will/should my child be learning? They will also help you understand what the general characteristics of your child’s age groups are and how we should all consider these when we look at the developmental appropriateness of what we are teaching.

  • Should my child have a specialized position yet?
  • Should he/she be learning formations/tactics?
  • Is she/he ready for the competitive environment?
  • Why are they playing small sided games and not the ‘real’ game of soccer?

Parents often have questions/comments after games or practices. We encourage you to take a look through the relevant age group parent guide which may have some of the answers and help you understand your child’s progress.