Grade 9 to 12

The BAYS Grade 9-12 competitive program for boys runs in the Spring, the recreational program which is designed for players who do not play on their high school’s team runs in the Fall and Spring for both boys and girls.

Games are generally played on Sunday.  Practice is once a week which is scheduled by the associated coach before the season starts.

Teams are single gender, and may be comprised of single or mixed age groups.

In the fall, teams are typically combined grades 9 through 12 – there are no tryouts.  Games are short-sided 7v7.

In the spring, there are Grade 9/10 and Grade 11/12 teams – tryouts for the MTOC eligible (Division 1 and 2) boys teams are held at the end of March or early April.  Tryouts are not required.  Boys who do not attend tryouts will be assigned to non-select Division 2 or 3 team.  Girls will be assigned to a Division 3 team.

The competitive Spring option for girls is the ASC Premier Team.Please follow this page for further details regarding this team(s).

Registration for the fall opens in mid-August, registration for the spring opens in January.