Coaching Requirements

Updated:  August 9,  2017

All coaches must be registered as a volunteer in AdminSports (the player registration system); complete an additional registration with Mass Youth Soccer; submit a CORI application; and complete an online concussion training course.  Volunteer registration and compliance is a multi-step process, involving disconnected systems, required by Massachusetts Youth Soccer (MYS).  Thank you in advance for your patience with the process.

AdminSports Registration

All volunteers (head coaches, assistant coaches and managers) must register in their family account in AdminSports in order to be assigned to a roster and affiliated with ASC.  This typically happens during the player registration process.  If a parent volunteers at a later date s/he will need to log back in to this system to register as a volunteer.  Photo upload in AdminSports is not required, and is not transferable to the MYS CORI registration system (where a photo is required) outlined below.

CORI / MYS Registration

All volunteers (head coaches, assistant coaches and managers) must register with MYS and complete a CORI background check.  Registration and CORI clearance are valid for three years.

RETURNING CORI-cleared coaches who completed their MYS registration last season need take no further action at this time unless we are in touch with you.

NEW coaches must register and complete the CORI background check before the start of the season; note that this is a two-step process. You will not be allowed to coach until this is completed.

Complete the registration/CORI check here.  Please forward your completed registration and CORI certificate to our CORI Submitter.

You must upload a current photo to the MYS registration site.  This photo will be used for ID lanyards (credentials) for ALL coaches PreK through Grade 12.  These lanyards must be worn at all times, unless you are actively coaching on the field. Lanyards will be distributed at the Coaches Meeting.

New coaches should also have their identity verified with ASC’s CORI Submitter or Registrar when they retrieve their ID Lanyard.

If you have any trouble with the MYS Affinity site please review the Help Videos located here or call the Affinity Help line:  855-703-2558.  The site, *, has a security certificate issued by DigiCert SHA2 High Assurance Server CA with 256 bit encryption, valid through February 22, 2018.

Note to IE users:  compatibility mode should be disabled in order for the site to function properly.

If you do not have a social security number please contact our CORI Submitter and provide a copy of your visa and passport.

Note: As indicated above, MYS registration is different from the ASC volunteer registration which takes place in the player registration software (AdminSports).  Essentially, there are two registrations:  1.) registering to volunteer with ASC in AdminSports; 2.) registering with MYS for ASC.  

Concussion Training

Every ASC coach must complete an online concussion training course.  This is a mandatory training that must be completed every three years.  Please complete the training session here.

Please forward your certificate of completion to our CORI Submitter, who handles all elements of coach compliance.

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