Fall 2023 ASC In-Town Referee Meeting Agenda


  1. Most important information can be found at these two resources: the ASC website referees’ section and the IFAB app.
  2. Implicit Bias course
  3. Change to check-in process: Check in teams with numbers and have players say their name.
  4. Feedback form
  5. Electronic whistles are preferred and recommended for referees. Masks are NOT currently required for anyone. However, the Covid situation is variable so please pay attention to all emails and follow instructions provided.
  6. Game assignments – All referees input availability (by Sunday night for the following weekend) and accept/reject games at https://usofficials.com by Tuesday night. Paul will send an email later in the week with any games not yet filled. Please email him directly if you are responding to one of those emails.
  7. Game reports (and payment) – Complete game reports within 24 hours of the game. All In-town games are reported at https://usofficials.com. Payment for In-town Referees happens by check about three times each season and should happen automatically if you have entered game reports at https://usofficials.com. In-town referees are reimbursed $25 per game. If any same day changes happen, contact Paul Athanasiadis at
    paul2319@gmail.com and Lori Barry-Smith at lori.barrysmith@gmail.com.
  8. Code of Conduct and Game Day Reminders
  9. Referee is responsible for checking the ASC website and your email before going to a game to make sure you have not received notification that a game has been cancelled. You will not be paid for showing up at a game that was cancelled beforehand if you should have known.
  10. Coaches’ credentials – Referees must check coaches’ credentials before each game to make sure all coaches on the sideline are approved for the current season.
  11. Review Rules for In-Town games. Discuss rule differences between age groups.
    • Discuss rule differences between Grade 8 games (ones you play) and Grades 3 and 4 in-town games.
    • Discuss rule differences between Grade 2 in-town games and Grades 3 and 4 in-town games.
  12. Recent changes in rules are available on ASC website in referee resources section.
  13. Review Direct Free Kick and Indirect Free Kick Fouls
  14. Grassroots Referee Certification Information. Information about becoming a Grassroots Referee (ages 14 and older) can be found at these two websites: https://www.massref.net/becoming-a-referee/steps-to-become-referee/ and https://www.arlingtonsoccerclub.org/referees/referee-certification/. Courses will be offered this winter for referees who will be 14 years old before April 1st
  15. Questions in Future: Contact Paul Athanasiadis, ASC Referee Assignor, with questions about assignments at
    paul2319@gmail.com. Contact Lori Barry-Smith, ASC Referee Director, with other questions, including payment issues at lori.barrysmith@gmail.com.