ASC Premier Team

During the Spring 2022 season, ASC  teamed up with Northeast Rush (NE Rush) to enable our Premier teams to compete in the New England Club Soccer League (NECSL). With 48 club members and over 700 teams, NECSL is a well-established league featuring renowned clubs like NEFC, SURF, VALE SC, and RI RAMS, among others. This partnership aims to provide our Premier teams with opportunities to engage in competitive divisions tailored to their skill levels.

While the essence of the Arlington Soccer Club Premier program remains unchanged, there will be a visual update: game jerseys will adopt NE Rush colors, featuring a collaborative badge merging the logos of NE Rush and ASC Premier Clubs.

The Spring season kicks off in April, running until mid-June, with games scheduled for Sunday afternoons and practices held twice weekly. This schedule accommodates players involved in high school sports but attendance to both training session and all games, including Memorial Day tournament  is expected. Paige Forster, with five successful years in the role, will continue to lead the teams as head coach.

Tryouts for the Premier Team will be held in June for the upcoming Spring season. Eligible players must be in high school during the soccer year, with current 8th graders also welcome to try out.

To be eligible to play for the ASC Premier team, residency or attendance at an Arlington school is required. Given this criterion, the number of players trying out for the team varies annually. Consequently, while our intention is to form two competitive teams, we cannot guarantee this every year due to fluctuating participation levels.

In past seasons, we’ve typically fielded a U19 team (open to seniors) and a U17 team. However, the composition of teams may vary based on the number of players trying out and their birth years. Depending on these factors and the level of competition, we may form teams strictly by birth year or opt for a mixed-age approach. Flexibility in team formation ensures that we can adapt to the available talent pool each season.