Field Conditions

Field conditions are monitored differently depending on the day of the week.

On weekdays, the Town of Arlington monitors and decides which fields are playable. There are 2 daily deadlines. For school sports, decisions are usually made no later than 1:00pm. For club sports, decisions are made by 3:00pm whenever possible.  You can also get real-time updates from the town, please register for Field Conditions Notifications. You can also check the latest field conditions on the Town of Arlington web site.

On weekends, the Arlington Soccer Club makes the decisions about field closures for soccer fields. We strive to add notifications to the front page of this website:

  • Before 7:00 AM, if morning games are cancelled
  • Before 10:00 AM, if afternoon games are cancelled

Please note that we are generally conservative with our field closure policies in an effort to do the best we can to protect our playing fields.  We base our decisions on “field conditions” not weather conditions. It is possible for it to be a nice sunny day after a storm, and still have the fields closed with puddles and soft spots. We also try to make the decisions as early as possible in the day so as to not have people waiting all day just to find out their game has been cancelled; we have to take into consideration that some of our travel teams come from as far as Attleboro.

The ASC has the final say on our fields over the weekend. This means that even if the town web site says the fields are open, but our web site lists them as closed, they are closed for soccer for the day! The reverse is true as well. We are held responsible for any damage we do to fields, and we would rather cancel a few games than get a bill from the town for thousands of dollars for field repairs. Coaches may NOT take it upon themselves to change these decisions and play games on closed fields.