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Clarify what being “involved in the play” means in terms of offsides.
Your presence influences actions by the defending team

Applications of advantage of midfield
Advantage has to be obvious in particular to the team that receives the advantage because otherwise the referee may be perceived as not calling the foul. In midfield advantage is typically not clear so when in doubt I would call the foul.

Coming back from an offsides position
Attackers walk back to the opponents’ defensive line without being involved in the play, sometimes even walking outside the playing field

If a ball is blocked during a freekick by a player who broke the 10 yard distance given, is the kick retaken?
If the taker asked for 10 yard got them and the defender jumps back in, the kick is retaken with a yellow card for the defender. If the taker thinks he/she can get advantage by taking the kick quickly but is outsmarted by the defender play continues.

How long can I let play continue for advantage before calling it back?
It should be obvious to anyone that the advantage was not there after all so this is a matter of 2-3 seconds

How many fouls would it take to result in a yellow card?
Should I give cards on first incident? Or first give a warning?
The confusion here is that “persistent infringement” does not necessarily mean that the seriousness of the foul warrants a yellow card, it is the lack of sportsmanship of it: as soon as it becomes clear to you that this behavior is part of the player’s (or team’s!) game you give a verbal warning, next one yellow, followed by red.

Are there any rules for ASC not in the original laws?
I assume you mean FIFA rules: differences are found in rules around substitutions and games other than 11 vs 11, but the actual game rules are still the same

Should you allow a game to be played if the field is improperly lined?

On U8-10 field where no goal area is defined where should goalkicks be taken from?
About 8 yard from the goal

Should substitutions all be recognized from the center line before being allowed to enter the game?
Yes, and in order for you to keep track of people entering and leaving the field they should leave from there as well

Do we need to do anything with the rosters?
Hold on to them for the remainder of the season, in particular if anything out of the ordinary occurs

Do we need to put the players’ numbers on the rosters?
Well, strictly speaking this is the coach’s responsibility but you need to check. This is very important because since you do not know player’s names and faces their shirt number is all you have and you want to make sure, for instance, that you report the correct player for a yellow/red card.


From Grade 9

What kind of kick do you give if a player is on the goalie? What do you do if the goalie already has the ball? What is the penalty for touching a goalie?
No different than for any other player. You probably refer to “touching” because you have seen that attackers can get quite close to a goalie and a dangerous situation may result. I would point that out to the attacker without calling a foul. Remember that the opposite happens to: a goalie picking up the ball and deliberately running into an attacker to intimidate him/her

If a game gets rained out after halftime, does it count?
Not up to you to decide

Can news refs shadow veteran refs for a few games?
And vice versa! If you are keen to get this help, just ask Paul.

If there is a major medical incident, do you add time on at the end or stop and then restart the clock?
Since you have to keep track of the time one way or another this is the same. However, depending on you mean by “major” other ends may occur as well: I have been at game where (i) a player suffered a heart attack and the game was abandoned (ii) a team’s behavior grew worse during a game and a player had to be taken off by ambulance 5 min before the end. As a precaution the game was called. Do what you think is reasonable, keeping in mind that it is only a game, safety first and report it correctly and in time to BAYS.

Is there a mercy rule?
What do you say to a coach that has run up the score? Do you say anything?
No, goal difference can be a deciding factor in determining who wins the competition. If there are large differences between teams in a competition, BAYS will do something about this, not the referee.

Can my shirt be a different color than gold? What do you do if the team wears yellow?
It can (and sometimes is should when a team wears gold; it is unfortunate that many teams bring yellow pinnies) but should be different from any other player on the field. However, often you are part of a referee team which will look more professional when they were the same color and this was chosen to be a gold color.

How do you get assigned to BAYS games?
Paul assigns, just ask him

If the teams don’t show up, do you still get paid?
Yes but be aware to check the ASC hot line for last minute cancellations in case of bad weather. It is usually updated around 8 AM and 11 PM fr morning and afternoon games respectively

How do I handle two teammates who are fighting?
Violent conduct for both so red card for both. The point you are getting at is that violent conduct is not necessarily aimed at the opponent, however it should still be penalized.

What do I do if a player is injured during play and the other team has a breakaway?
Assuming the injury was not the result of a foul, play continues until the ball gets out of play after which some one can attend to the player. If you think the injury is very serious and needs immediate attention, stop the game: safety first!

How do you handle coaches who disagree with your calls?
What do I do if a coach refuses to calm down when I tell him to?
What should you do if a coach won’t listen to you and/or what you are doing or saying? Should you ever stop the play for something like this?
First, verbal warning; second, yellow card; third, red card which also means for him/her to leave the field. I would not stop the play for this: if the play stops I would first deal with the coach and then restart.  I would not stop the game for this: If the coach is sent off, make sure you have his/her coach’s pass to send to BAYS and include information in your report. Usually, there is a second coach that can take over. However, if there is not, or both are sent off I would abandon the game. I think officially any adult could take over but that the situation by that time has become so pathetic that a clear signal needs to be sent to BAYS for them to look into these coaches.

What grade do you need to be to ref BAYS?

What if it is an 8 year old who slide tackles?
If a player in in-town slide tackles, should you give them a card?
This usually means that the coaches do not know this either, so explain/warn player and coach once (still give the foul) and after that you simply follow the rules which may include giving a yellow card if this continues (see above, persistent infringement).

What do you do if there are no sandbags?
If the goal is very stable and there is no wind, I would consult the coaches before the game before possibly starting the game. Afterwards, however, warn the club!!
If the goal is not stable or there is significant wind, cancel the game and report it accordingly

What games am I allowed to referee if I am a new ref?
For Paul but I think grade 8 all games, grade 9 all non-11-vs-11 games plus all linesman games. However, it would be best if you would start with “easier games”.

If a game is cancelled before the game is over, do you still get paid?
What do you do if it starts thundering during the game?
Yes, but explain what happened, for instance a thunderstorm passed over

What if a player is totally ignoring you and the coach isn’t doing anything? Or the player also ignores the coach? Do you give a card?
Ignoring players or coaches is not a foul. Just call the fouls/use your cards as you normally would.

Do you get the rescheduled game if the first game is cancelled?
Not necessarily

Are there rosters for intown?

Please explain what off sides is between 8v8 and 11v11?

What if for a good reason the referee is late? Will the game be postponed?
If none of the players have left yet and there is enough time before the next one will be played on that field, play the game.

How many times should you give U8 tries for throw-ins?
I would stick to twice with you pointing out what they did wrong

What happens if an animal gets on the field and a goal is scored?
Indirect free kick for the team that played the ball last on the spot where is the animal touched the ball. If that spot is in the goal area, the ball will be put on 8 yard line. So you are not allowed to assume that a goal would have resulted (or not) of the animal had not touched the ball.

What is the procedure for using a roster for BAYS games? What do you mark?
Check off who is there, include shirt number, make sure there are no number duplications and no people participating that are not on the list. This includes coaches: a coach is a coach when his/her name is on the roster and they show you their coach’s pass. All other adults are spectators and you should send them to the other site of the field. Doing this appears excessive but can save you headaches

Do you stop the clock when someone gets hurt?
When it for an extended period of time, yes.

Does it matter if a player isn’t wearing the exact uniform?
What should you do if a player is wearing an incorrect jersey?
As long as it is obvious what team he/she belongs to. However, I would not allow a different color shirt. Make sure the shirt number is unique and not duplicated

Do you need to check goal posts if game has just been played before?
Yes, I would not assume the previous referees checked the goal posts

What happens if the teams don’t show up?
Report to BAYS and Paul

What happens if you forget your pay sheet to have the coaches sign?
Just hand in the pay sheet without that signature, you may want to write on the pay sheet you forgot to bring it that day

How do you know for an intown team which team is home?
Game schedule and usually different intown teams have different home field

If the ball is in the air over (post) the out of bounds line, is it out? If not, when is it considered as such? Same for the goal line?
Yes and yes

For what age groups does the off sides rule apply? Are there any rules (punting over half) which go with it?
8 vs 8 and 11 vs 11 games. Offside is not possible on a goal kick.

What do you call if two players foul each other at the same time?
I assume you ask what to do if clearly fouls are made for which the game should be stopped but they seem equal and occurred at the same time. I would give the free kick to the defending team ( and minimize the result of your decision on the game)

What do you do if a player on one team won’t say good game and shake hands with other team after game?

What do you do if you don’t see the play and have no idea what the call is?
Look at your linesmen and if they indicate a foul, blow the whistle, go up to him/her and ask. If there are no linesmen or the three of you did not see anything play continues.

What do you do if one of the teams doesn’t show up?
What do you do if a team doesn’t have the required amount of players?
Essentially the team did not show up and thus forfeited the game. Report as a 1-0 loss to them and indicate the forfeit. You can still have a game with fewer players for fun but coaches may report that result to BAYS, so enter 1-0

Can you call a game if the field is flooded but the field isn’t closed?
Absolutely, it would not be safe to play

Do I add injury time? How do I report it?
US officials report includes start and end time that will be enough

What is oldest age group I can ref if I am a grade 9?

Do I have to tuck my shirt in fully?
If you want to appear professional, yes[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]