Select Team Tryouts

Revised: May 11, 2017

Players are placed on a select team based on their skill level. A player’s skill level is determined by his or her performance at the tryouts along with an assessment from his or her coach.

No player currently on a select team is guaranteed a spot on the same team for the following season.

Why the sign-up form?

Age directors will be using the signup numbers to prepare the tryout configurations based on expected attendance.  We will also use the information to help with check-in process.  Sign-up can be found here.

Do all players need to attend tryouts?

If your child is in Pre-K, kindergarten or first grade in the spring season, there are no tryouts.

If your player does not want to be considered for a select team, he/she does not need to attend tryouts. All Grade 3 and Grade 4 players who do not make a select team or do not attend tryouts will be placed on an Intown team. All Grade 5 players and above who do not make a select team or do not attend tryouts will be placed on a BAYS travel non-select team.

Is attendance at both tryout nights required?

At a minimum, players must attend the first night of the tryouts.

Please note that depending on numbers attending the first night, we may request attendance at the second night on a call back only basis only. Players will be notified via email with an invitation to night two of the tryouts.  Players are strongly urged to attend both tryout dates if they are called back.

If a player cannot make either tryout date but would like to be considered for the select team, he or she must contact their appropriate BAYS Director before the first tryout night.

What select team tryout should players attend?

Players should attend the tryout for the grade that they will be in for the fall season. For example, a player in Grade 2 for the current spring season should attend the Grade 3 tryouts.

It is important that players attend the appropriate tryout.

– Players cannot play “down” to their grade even if they are the appropriate age

– Players cannot play “up” to a grade for which they are too young

Please note that the new age group descriptions were effective with the fall 2016 season, a detailed guide can be found here.

What is the select team time commitment?

Playing on a select team requires a high level of commitment. Players are expected to:

– make soccer a priority over other sports or activities

– participate in both the fall and spring seasons

– make every effort to attend the two weekly practices and the weekend game

– attend a minimum of 50% of the practices and 90% of the games

Teams will also periodically play in tournaments.

How many select teams are there per age group?

The number of select teams in each age group will vary year to year depending on the number of players and overall skill levels. Typically we offer two select teams in the Grade 3 through Grade 8 levels.

Please contact your appropriate BAYS Directors here if you have any tryout questions.

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