Select Team Tryouts for Grades 3 – 8

Arlington Soccer Club Select team tryouts

Each year, Arlington Soccer Club forms boys and girls select teams for the following grade levels: 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th/8th. Select teams typically compete in the first or second division of the Boston Area Youth Soccer (BAYS) league. Players are placed on a select team based on their skill level. A player’s skill level is determined by their performance at tryouts along with an assessment from their current coach.

What is the format of tryouts?

Tryouts take place over two nights. All interested players must attend the first night. The first night typically consists of small-sided games (3v3 to 6v6). Small-sided games provide players with the opportunity to have frequent touches and make numerous decisions in a game-like environment. 

Only players who receive an email callback for the second night will be evaluated for select team placement. The second night typically consists of full-size games (7v7, 9v9, or 11v11).

What if my player cannot attend a tryout date?

If a player cannot make either tryout date but would like to be considered for the select team, they must contact their appropriate BAYS Director before the first tryout night.

Who conducts the tryouts?

Tryout evaluations and team selections are conducted by a slate of ASC coaches and other individuals with extensive soccer background. Coaches are not permitted to evaluate the age group in which they coach, with the exception of the head coaches of the current select teams.

How are players evaluated?

Tryout evaluators will observe a player’s technical skill, tactical understanding, decision making ability, athletic qualities, and focus. This information will be combined with written evaluations from a player’s current coach to decide on placement on an ASC select team. Current coach evaluations comment on the qualities mentioned above in addition to practice and game attendance, conduct, and any other information relevant to select team placement. Current select team players are not guaranteed a spot on the same team the following season.

Which grade level should players tryout for?

Players should attend the tryout for the grade that they will be going into for the coming Fall season. For example, a player currently in 2nd grade should attend the 3rd grade tryout. Players cannot play outside of their grade level.

Do all players need to attend tryouts?

If your child is currently in pre-K, kindergarten, or 1st grade, there are no tryouts. 

If your player does not want to be considered for a select team, they do not need to attend tryouts. All 3rd and 4th grade players who do not make a select team or attend tryouts will be placed on a team in our vibrant in-town program. All 5th grade players and above who do not make a select team or attend tryouts will be placed on a non-select BAYS travel team.

How many select teams are there per age group?

There are two boys select teams and two girls select teams per grade level for 3rd – 6th grades. There are three boys select teams and three girls select teams for the combined 7th/8th grade level.

When are team selections announced?

Select team rosters are released after tryouts are complete and selections have been finalized.

What is expected of ASC select team players?

ASC select teams hold practices twice per week and play games on Saturdays during 10-week Fall and Spring seasons. Select team players are expected to:

  • Participate in both the Fall and Spring seasons.
  • Make every effort to attend the two weekly practices, with a 50% minimum attendance requirement (i.e. one practice per week).
  • Make every effort to attend all regularly scheduled Saturday BAYS games. Saturday game absences for reasons other than illness, injury, or emergencies are taken seriously.
    • Three game absences (in a single season) may negatively impact a player’s likelihood of being selected in subsequent years.
    • Four or more game absences (in a single season) may result in removal from the team and prohibition of trying out in the future.
  • Make every effort to attend any makeup or rescheduled games held on other days.
  • Play for their ASC team at Columbus Day tournaments.

Are there select teams for high school aged players?

The 9th – 12th grade girls Premier Team holds tryouts concurrently with the 3rd – 8th grade select team tryouts.

The 9th – 12th grade boys select team tryouts will be held prior to the Spring 2023 season.  Additional details about registration and tryout dates will be distributed in the future.

How do I sign up?

Please sign up for 3rd – 8th grade select team tryouts and 9th – 12th grade girls Premier team tryouts here:
Age group directors use the sign-up numbers to prepare the tryout configurations based on expected attendance. We also use the information to facilitate the check-in process.

Please note that signing up for tryouts does not register a player for the Fall season. A separate registration for the Fall season is required.

Who should I contact with questions?

Please contact the BAYS Boys Director or BAYS Girls Director with any questions about the tryout process  here.