This Saturday and Sunday, October 14 & 15, are BAYS Fall 2023 REFEREE APPRECIATION DAYS!

This is part of our RESPECT Campaign.

Referees are a vital part of the game of soccer. They are the third team on the field.

  • We need referees.
  • We need to take care of them.
  • What would we do without them?
  • Referees show up EVERY week in all kinds of weather.

Referees complete hours of training each year to earn their certification, and then at times have to put up with people who don’t appreciate their work, even when they are doing a good job. They have no substitutes even on the best days. Organized soccer would not happen without dedicated referees. We need to treat the game officials as a real part of the game, not as some outside force.

Referees deserve all our thanks!

Here are some ideas of what you might do.

  • Thank the referees at the end of the game. Just thank them!
  • A Thank-you Card from the team signed by the coaches, players and parents
  • Bring some snacks for referees (Munchkins, cookies, pizza, etc)
  • Teams could bring a gift card to a local establishment.
  • Teams can make a “Thank you Referees” banner.
  • Please send pictures for social media and email us about what you did:

The entire BAYS community thanks you for your support and participation in the upcoming Referee Appreciation days.